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Why is a Website Important to a Business?

The Internet has become the focus of life over the last decade, and it has shown exactly how important it is since the global pandemic and subsequent look downs. With restrictions on when and where people can go, they are increasingly using the Internet to find information and make purchases. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, a website is a vital addition to your marketing and visibility plan. If you have yet to create your Internet presence by building a website, have a look at the reasons why it is just a must-have.

The buzzword is credibility; it is possible to set up social media channels with very little information and no evidence of what you do. If you’ve ever seen a social media advert where you think the product looks fantastic, but the price seems relatively cheap, you have potentially come across the problem that muddies the waters for genuine companies. Digging around on these ‘too good to be true’ adverts generally reveals a lack of anything in the background, so no website, no contact information, no way for the customer to reassure themselves that this company has any credibility. It screams of having something to hide and of course as a genuine company you don’t want to get tarred with this brush. It gives you a chance to create an authority in your industry and space to have your say from your mission statement to your contact details to how you are going to ensure your customer gets the best experience possible when dealing with you. 

Even if you use social media channels, you should think of your website as the hub and every other platform as an arm coming back to this main site. Too often, companies have a Facebook page and believe that this is enough, but actually, your website speaks more volumes about what you do. There is an underlying sense of distrust when companies do not have a website. When you push content through any channel, including social media marketing, adverts, and blogs, they should all be pointing back to your website. This means creating a brand and being consistent, giving your customers confidence that they understand your products and see that you are genuine. 

If you are selling any product, you should also be offering a sales channel as customers like the flexibility of shopping at a time that suits them. We understand that some products are too complicated to be sold online and you need to be speaking to your customers to establish exactly what they need, so in this case, you are looking to open your sales channel by providing information and detail to your potential customers so you can convert them to sales. From a human resources perspective, it also makes sense where sales are possible across the Internet to automate the process via the website and have your team pick and pack the orders as and when they come in. Sadly, the High Street seems to have had its day, and increasingly businesses are closing bricks and mortar shops favouring virtual online stores. 

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